Christine Kydd and Ewan McVicar have written six new songs with the classes of Luthermuir Primary in October and November  2014.

To hear the classes singing them, read the words, and see illustrations and photos about their work, choose dropdown options by hovering your mouse over Luthermuir Sangs, top right.

Our new songs are about mysteriously named Dragons, misadventures during The Ostercatcher Girl's Affa Day At The Shops, the changes of Autumn, alarming things in the Quartermaster's Store, a toy-stuffed Shop, and what Ostercatchers [the schools' emblem] eat.

Younger classes learned more about Scottish songs by learning new ones. Here are some illustrations of songs pupils made. Below left is Coulter's Candy, below right is Murder In The Chipshop. Bottom left is When I Was One, bottom right is Ma Ma Buy Me A Banana.