Quartermasters Store

Key of D


There were rats, rats, rat as big as cats, in the Store, in the Store

There were rats, rats, rat as big as cats, in the Quartermaster’s Store



My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me

I have not brought my specs with me


There were chips, chips, as long as battleships


There was icecream, icecream, as runny as a stream


There was cheese, cheese, as stinky as rat’s pee


There were fitbas, fitbas, as flat as rubbish jazz


There were leeks, keeks, that make you pee your breeks


There was fish, fish served on a dirty dish



  1     3    2   2        1       2    3

Conkers falling from the trees

  4        4        3     3     2    2

Some birds will be leaving

  5        5     4     4     3    3    2

Soon the days will be so short

     1       3        2     2     1      1

Steam when you are breathing


Some birds come and some birds go

Leaves turn somber broon

Gold or silver, yellow too

Then come skitin doon


Birds are hungry in the trees

Wish that life was fair

Thought the berries look so juicy

Mean hawks might be there


Robins soon change their tune

Sing their cold day song

High pitch, low pitch, do you know which?

Can you sing along?


Geese that come from colder places

Honking as they fly

Flapping wings, as they make

V shapes in the sky


Early in the Autumn morning

We won’t hear them sing

Swallows have gone to Africa

They’ll be back in Spring


Waves turn in the Autumn wind

Like a bird’s song

But ospreys and the crested grebes

And martins all have gone