Sangs Made by CEILIDHMAKERS Wi Mearns Primary Schools

Nov 2014 to May 2015

Auchenblae, Laurencekirk and Luthermuir

A Youth Music Initiative project by Aberdeenshire Council

This site has the new songs made in Mearns schools in 2014 and 2015 by Ceilidhmakers (Christine Kydd with Ewan McVicar)

Our first songs were made with Luthermuir Primary classes,

about mysteriously named Dragons, misadventures during The Oystercatcher Girl's Affa Day At The Shops, the changes of Autumn, alarming things in the Quartermaster's Store, a toy-stuffed Shop, and what Oystercatchers [the schools' emblem] eat.

Then we made songs in 2015 with Auchenblae Primary, and Laurencekirk Primary.

The Auchenblae songs included where to play in the village, Katie's Bairdie's menagerie, when the church clock fell down, pineapple thieves, and an alarming bear in a cave.

We wrote new Laurencekirk songs about learning to drive, Kirkie Gala, how Nessie won the Battle of Stirling Brig, and Springtime growing.

From Kincardineshire Observer

Laurencekirk P5 are now writing their own lyrics to popular tunes and I’m writing a simple animation that we found on You Tube – The Duck Song. We’re taking the Ceilidhmakers idea and are rewriting the lyrics but in a different context. The excitement this has generated is fantastic and the learning that is going on is superb. Thanks so much for the CPD that has given me the confidence to add music to my IDL. Unfortunately I wasn’t involved with the children’s work but they are showing me what they did so we are all learning together.

 Good luck with this project, we have all learned so much.

Regards , Aliison Millard, Principal Teacher

Laurencekirk Primary

From The Courier and Advertiser

During the course of this academic year, Christine, Ceilidhmakers, graduated with a Masters Degree with Commendation in Ethnology and Folklore (which included a dissertation on South Ronaldsay Boys Ploughing Match, Orkney), from the Elphinstone Institute of the University of Aberdeen, November 2014.